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Richard Salamone
NucklJac - The Reviews
"I want to compliment you on coming up with a clever, elegant solution to
a long-standing problem. Your redefinition of the problem from "is the
jack properly under the CORRESPONDING knuckle" to "is the jack properly oriented" seems to me to be particularly insightful.

"I hope that folks who see your gizmo do the right thing and order one
from you. I wish you success."
T.M., usa
"I was surprised that the nuckljac was better than my eye approach. Maybe that would have been different 10 years ago, but with my eyesight failing it is a lifesaver! I redid my work."
J.K., Utah
"thank you for the "new, improved!" NucklJac. This one is noticeably superior to the current one.
The metal provides the stiffness and the extra spacer material for the core alignment appears to place the jack in just the right alignment with the rear of the knuckle core."
P.R., NY
I purchased a Nuckljak from you after it was featured in the May Tek-Letter and I must say it is the "cat's meow." An outstanding tool! I couldn't believe how far off I was using my normal eyeball method that had served me well for many years. I highly recommend it.
J.D., Ca
I just ordered your little product....can hardly wait to get my hands on it.
T.K., AZ
I watched the video. It looks simple enough that even I should be able to use it! Thanks.

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